Redecan Black Cherry Punch Review & Cannabis Photos

Redecan’s Black Cherry Punch is described as being a high THC indica-dominant strain with a bold cherry, yet light skunky flavour profile. The aroma comes from a diverse combination of terpenes ...

8.2 Blazed 8.5 Blazed User Avg

Redecan God Bud Review & Cannabis Photos

A name like God Bud sets a pretty high expectation. Redecan describes the aroma as being a combination of tropical, earthy and citrusy (given the rich caryophyllene terpene profile). This hybrid strai...

6.7 High

Redecan Wappa Cannabis Review & Photos

Redecan’s Wappa cannabis is described as being a green and yellow indica-dominant strain with strong THC potency. They note that this strain is grown inside a greenhouse with natural lighting co...

7.1 Cooked

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