Fleurish Rally (Island Sweet Skunk) Cannabis Review & Photos

Fleurish states they believe in a premium cannabis experience so Rally (Island Sweet Skunk) is grown by their team indoors; hand watered, hung to dry and is hand sorted/trimmed with a moisture pack.
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Island Sweet Skunk has been hit and miss for us. However when we read that Fleurish was cultivating this sativa-dominant strain under ideal conditions to create a premium experience… we naturally were intrigued.

So like you’d expect we ordered a container to give it a test.

Checkout the review, rating and photos below.


Unscrewing the lid and removing the freshness seal, we noticed this batch of Rally (Sweet Island Skunk) from Fleurish had a very faint and fresh pine bush aroma. Not strong but noticeable.


The mositure package definitely helped keeping the buds from falling apart. The container contents were a lively pile of small dense buds comprised of a vibrant green and brown-orange hair melody, lightly frosted in trichomes.


The vibrant buds of this strain, rolled up and smoked, give off a slightly sweet and smooth pine note. Similar to the smell we found the flavour present but not overwhelmingly strong.


Rally Sweet Island Skunk is a great way to socialize with the mild mellow calm produced by this strain. If you’re looking for something that carries a decent buzz without putting you to sleep then you might want to try Rally.

This batch of Rally (Island Sweet Skunk) from Fleurish is not overpowering in terms of smell or flavour, however the mild and mellow calm high produced by this sativa-dominant strain might be ideal for those looking to socialize. If you're looking for something that carries a decent buzz without putting you to sleep then you might want to try Rally.
  • Medium to large buds
  • Vibrant colours
  • Frosted in trichomes
  • Smell and flavour are faint
  • Quite a few stems
  • Mild high
Smell - 6
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 6.6
Experience - 7.1
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Cannibros after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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