Sage N Sour

Sage N Sour is a sativa strain created by the team at T.H. Seeds. This flower combines the sharp and often pungent Sour Diesel strain with T.H. Seeds special SAGE hybrid. The aroma profile has subtle herbal notes with hints of sage. Sage N Sour is a sativa known for producing an excellent balance between uplifting energy, overall happiness and euphoric vibes.

Citizen Stash Sage N Sour Cannabis Review & Photos

Sage and Sour is described as having a sweet herbal flavour with a hint of sour citrus. The buds have dense fluffy dark olive green nugs with rich coloured leaves and thin twisty amber hairs. These bu...

8.1 Blazed 8.7 Blazed User Avg

MTL Cannabis Sage N Sour Review & Photos

This Sage N’ Sour strain from MTL Cannabis is described online as containing over 1% CBG with the dominant terpene being Terpinolene – which is commonly found in true Sativa strains in addition ...

7.6 Cooked 8.3 Blazed User Avg

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