Tantalus Labs Pacific OG Review & Cannabis Photos

Pacific OG from Tantalus Labs is a curated version of the sativa-dominant strain Goji OG, a flower that was created by crossing Nepali OG with Snow Lotus.

We’ve been happy with Tantalus indica strains reviewed so far… particularly their LA Kush Cake. So getting to test out one of their sativa strains has been on the to do list for a while.

Tantalus’ Pacific OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Goji OG and was originally created by crossing Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. Nepali OG (sometimes called Nepali Kush) is a classic strain known for conical-shaped buds and a strong earthy aroma. Not much of a surprise this pairs well with Snow Lotus, a plant known for a distinct black cherry aroma and subtle undertones of black liquorice.

So how does Pacific OG from Tantalus Labs smoke?

Check our review, rating and photos below.


The product arrived in an industry standard white plastic container with resealable top. Opening the lid immediately released a strong aroma that was unmistakable. Pacific OG from Tantalus Labs has a very strong earthy almost compost-like stench combined with a herbal dank undertones. The Nepali OG component of this strain comes through intensely to overpower all other smells.


This was probably the least visually appealing strain we’ve seen from Tantalus so far. Once Pacific OG was released from the white container, it was clearly fluffy-looking and semi-dense with very few brown hairs. Even the uniform green is like that of an unwanted vegetable and seems to only be lightly speckled with trichomes. The appearance is not unappealing but also not memorable.


Pacific OG (at least this version) had a flavour profile that mirrored the smell almost identically. From start to end this one had a very strong dank earthy flavour with an herbal sprinkle near the end. We found it enjoyable but quite harsh on the throat. Overall the flavour was what we expected.


Pacific OG from Tantalus Labs is decent product. However this one was not the high quality we’ve come to expect from them (see their LA Kush Cake and Sky Pilot review) even though this product is a sativa with a very low price point. The high was felt most strongly through both body and mind alike – a kind of furry all over feeling like wearing a costume. Expect to feel more energized then vegged. So if you’re looking for an affordable satvia strain then Tantalus’ Pacific OG is one to consider.

Pacific OG from Tantalus Labs is an affordable sativa strain with a strong earthy aroma and flavour. The high was balanced and felt through both body and mind - a kind of furry all over feeling like wearing a costume. There was also a feeling or mildly energized (opposed to being locked to the couch). However we feel this one did not meet the same quality as Tantalus Labs other strains. But if you're looking for an affordable satvia then Tantalus' Pacific OG is one to consider.
  • Great price point
  • Strong balanced high
  • Energizing experience
  • No moisture pack
  • Very strong earthy aroma and flavour
  • Visually looks average
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 7
Flavour - 7.4
Experience - 7.6
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Cannibros after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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