Bisabolol is a terpene known for having a sweet, floral aroma. However possibly the real reason for it’s popularity is the many provides anti-inflammatory properties for skin it provides, as a result it is often used in skin care and cosmetic products. Cannabis that has bisabolol are said to have relaxing effects. Below you will find our cannabis strain reviews with bisabolol.

Pure Sunfarms Island Honey Review & Cannabis Photos

Island Honey from Pure Sunfarms is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing a phenotype of Jack Herer with Early Pearl. This flower has a natural stickiness which was one of the leading r...

7 Cooked

Natural History Fruit Cake Review & Cannabis Photos

Fruit Cake from Natural History is a hybrid strain that was created when Cookies & Cream was crossed with Plum Wine. One of the striking things about this cultivar is the colour pattern which rang...

8.1 Blazed

Ogen Early Glue RBx1 #15 Review & Cannabis Photos

Early Glue RBx1 #15 from Ogen is unique indica-dominant strain that is the reverse back-cross of (GG4 x Black Fire F-1) using the original GG4 (sometimes called Gorilla Glue #4). This cultivar is know...

7.2 Cooked

Back Forty Fruity Pebbles OG Review & Cannabis Photos

Back Forty’s Fruity Pebbles OG is a hybrid strain that was created when Green Ribbon was crossed with Tahoe Alien. This strain is known to produce high levels of THC and an aroma many users comp...

8 Blazed

Ogen Freshly Baked #76 Review & Cannabis Photos

Ogen’s Freshly Baked #76 is a sativa-dominant strain with it’s lineage connected to the sweet tasting cake family, we weren’t able to find much information on this cultivar. On their...

7.7 Cooked 9.5 Stoned User Avg

Tweed Royal Dankness Review & Cannabis Photos

Today’s review is another strain that we could not find much information except from the brand themselves. Royal Dankness from Tweed is a hybrid that was created by crossbreeding Dancehall with ...

7 Cooked

Sugarbud Krypto Chronic #2 Review & Cannabis Photos

Sugarbud’s Krypto Chronic #2 is a hybrid that leans towards it’s indica side and was created by crossing Alien Cookies, Fruity Pebbles OG and Jet Fuel Gelato. The strain is described as ha...

8.1 Blazed

Jonny Chronic Unicorn Poop Review & Cannabis Photos

We ordered this one solely based off the name… I mean who could resist? Jonny Chronic’s Unicorn Poop is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing GMO with Sophisticated Lady. ...

8.1 Blazed 6.4 High User Avg

Spinach Blueberry Cannabis Review & Photos

Blueberry is widely known for it's purple tones and spicy sweet berry taste due to the strains dominant terpenes of Myrcene and Caryophyllene.

6.8 High 6.4 High User Avg

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