One of the two forms of beta-ocimene, trans-beta-ocimene is a monoterpene known for its woody and herbaceous aroma characteristics along with a sweet, floral and green flavor profile. Ocimenes are consistently identified in higher concentrations across many cannabis strains relative to other terpene types. Found commonly in allspice, black currant, passion fruit, guava, and cinnamon bark, trans- ocimene is often used as a food additive or in perfumes thanks to their fragrant aroma. Aside from its use as a food additive and fragrance, trans-ocimene is known for containing several therapeutic properties including anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral effects.

Top Leaf Northern Lights Review

Northern Lights is a world traveller and legendary friend to all smokers. Northern Lights is an indica dominate strain - proud and powerful, sturdy and strong. So we were thrilled to learn that Top Le...

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