OG Kush

OG Kush (sometimes called Premium OG Kush) was originally created close to 30 years ago when a flower from Northern California was crossed with the diesel-packed Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush strain. This grouping produced the OG Kush we all know today with it’s complex aroma of spice, skunk and diesel scents.

Queen West ’94 OG Kush Review & Cannabis Photos

Queen West ’94 was started by two brothers who were master growers with years of experience. They describe their process as old skool… but in a good way. For example, OG Kush from Queen We...

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Table Top 90s OG Kush Review

A prominent pepper lemon aroma is present courtesy of small dense light-green buds, surprising with a strong earthy hops taste leading to an equally strong mental fog leaving one euphoric and looking ...

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