Sour Flower

Sour Flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain which directly descends from Super Silver Haze. This flower is known for delivering a strong, uplifting head high with clarity and focus while at the same time giving a small energy boost mild dose of euphoria. In terms of aroma and flavour profile, it’s known for producing a strong earthy herbal flavor and smell accented with subtle hints of piney diesel. Given the potential for a high ration of THC content, this strain can hit hard and many users report it helping inspire creativity. Below you will find our Sour Flower strain cannabis reviews.

Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa Review and Cannabis Photos

Today we’re reviewing a product form Highly Dutch Organic which is a brand owned by TGOD. From what we can tell, their Amsterdam Sativa is a version of the Sour Flower strain. This flower is wel...

7.1 Cooked

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