α-Cedrene is one of two isomers that make up Cedrene, a sesquiterpene that, along with Cedrol and Cedrenol, constitutes the sensory profile of the essential oils of cedar. This isomer’s bracing aromas of fresh wood and pine have made it a common component of fragrances, cosmetics and hygienic products, while its mildly sweet taste has turned α-Cedrene into a recurring dessert and beverages ingredient. Used by holistic medicine practitioners as an antiseptic and mucolytic agent, recent scientific research suggests that α-Cedrene could be effective against tumors and bacterial infections.

Vertical Cannabis Strawberry Cake Review & Photos

We love fruity flavoured bud so when we ready about Strawberry Cake from Vertical Cannabis having a fruity pine flavour we knew it was only a matter of time before we got some. This strain was created...

7.7 Cooked

Haven St. Premium Cannabis No. 428 Secret Address (Glueberry OG) Review

Secret Address is the brand name for Haven’s Glueberry OG. This strain is truly balanced hybrid that’s lineage includes Blueberry with Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush. The combination of these...

7.7 Cooked 6.6 High User Avg

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