Headband (sometimes called HB) is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing OG Kush with Sour Diesel. Headband is known for producing flavors of lemons and diesel while producing a calming wave of relaxation. The name comes from the fact some users experience slight pressure around their head like they are wearing a headband.

Palmetto Headband Review & Cannabis Photos

Palmetto’s Headband strain is the result of crossing Sour Diesel with that widely popular OG Kush resulting in a sativa-dominant strain with high levels of THC. The buds are known to be dense, f...

7.6 Cooked

Pure Sunfarms Headband Review & Cannabis Photos

Pure Sunfarms describes Headband being grown in a high-tech greenhouse where each bud is carefully trimmed and hand-groomed to precise standards. According to their website this strain features dense,...

6.6 High

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